Emergency Thermal Blankets

Ok so I just want you all to know that I have sweat a lot for this review. The past few nights I have tested some of these thermal blankets to see how well they work and overall I would have to say, they work, exceptionally. Now, it only drops to the high 70’s right now where I’m at so I cranked my AC down for a few nights to get it cold in my home. I will preface these item reviews by saying, they all work. They all do what they are intended to do, keep you warm and keep you dry. The only difference in them is going to be quality of material, noise, and if they can be used for other purposes such as a tarp. Let’s get started.

Blanket 1: Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

These blankets are great. They’re cheap, you get 4 plus a bonus free gold one, and they come in a variety of selectable colors including camo and safety orange. On the downside, like a few of the other blankets in this review, they’re NOISY. That is to be expected however when you are basically covering yourself in a thin, flexible sheet of aluminum foil. Overall I’d give these a great rating as they work as intended and are very inexpensive. Great item to throw into an emergency kit or bug-out bag.

Blanket 2: Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets 6 Pack

In all honesty, these are basically the same as above but cheaper. I will say that they felt a little more thin and seemed to tear a little easier. Overall however, they worked great and kept me nice and sweaty and warm.

Blanket 3: S.O.L. 90% Heat Reflective Emergency Blanket

This one is cool, it functions not only as a blanket, but also as a tarp, grommets and all. It is thicker than the previous blankets but since it doubles as a tarp that is to be expected. The grommets felt sturdy enough to last for multiple uses. It also comes in that nice safety orange color that is very noticeable and great for emergency situations. Overall I’d say this one is probably my favorite just for its dual use.

And the final blanket: Emergency Blanket XL

This one is once again, almost identical to the first two. The main difference is going to be the size. This one can easily fit at least two maybe three people bundled up. It worked just as well as the others as far as heat retention.

Overall, these are all great choices for emergency blankets. I’d personally buy a multipack if you are creating an emergency kit or if you have a family to try and keep warm. For the individual user I would highly recommend the S.O.L. blanket just for its dual use perks. As always, stay safe, and if you have one of these blankets, stay warm!

Links to the blankets reviewed in case you missed them:

Swiss Safe Emergency Blankets
6 Pack Emergency Mylar Blankets
S.O.L. Blanket/Tarp
XL Thermal Blanket

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