First Aid Kits

First aid kits are a basic necessity in any household. Not just for emergency purposes, I recommend having one of these on hand for day to day uses as well, Especially if you have children. I have ordered and reviewed five different first aid kits that are all readily available on Amazon. Let’s get started!

Up first is the Be Smart Get Prepared 100 piece First Aid Kit

This kit has plenty of options for treating minor cuts and wounds. Bandages, gauze, tape, antiseptic, alcohol wipes, and even a cold compress packet. It is a good starting point for an emergency first aid kit and is a great everyday first aid kit to keep around the house. I’d personally aid a few allergy relief pills like Benadryl and some pain relief/inflammation reducers like ibuprofen.

Number Two! The Be Smart Get Prepared 250 Piece Kit!

This is essentially the same as the kit before, but, a higher price and a much better emergency starter kit. This one is going to have all the items as before, just a lot more of each, plus all the medications I recommended previously. It also is going to come with some burn cream, aspirin, and a few other extra goodies.

Number Three! 326 Piece First Aid Kit

This is a cool little kit. It has basically the same as the second kit, but, it has a couple of nice little features. First off, it is wall mountable with little tilting “shelves” for each item in it for easy access if it is mounted on a wall. Great feature if you are hanging it in an office or garage. Second, it comes with a first aid pamphlet with instructions for how to treat some common injuries. On the downside, it is the most expensive option I listed here, although at ~35$ you aren’t exactly breaking the bank.

Number Four! M2 Basics 300 Piece Kit

This is a good basic kit. It is kind of an in-between kit between the first two. It has more than the first kit I reviewed but doesn’t have the medications included in the second kit. On the plus side, it is inexpensive, comes in a nice zippered carrying case, and my personal favorite, it includes some survival tools such as a carabiner, whistle, and emergency blanket. This kit also includes a first aid guide to help with minor injuries.

And last but not least! Johnson and Johnson All Purpose First Aid Kit

This one is for all you “name brand only” shoppers. Made by Johnson and Johnson it has some of the original “bandaid” brand bandages plus other goodies. Only a 140 piece kit but also only around 12 dollars. It is going to be a starter kit in my opinion, having only treatments for minor cuts and injuries. But it is a good starting point for a better kit and one that definitely won’t hurt your wallet.

Here are the links in case you missed them up higher in the post:

Kit One:

Kit Two:

Kit Three:

Kit Four:

Kit Five:

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Stay Safe!


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