Ryobi 1000 watt Digital Inverter Generator

So you have a small house, or a camper, or maybe even an apartment. You may not be able to purchase or even feasibly run a larger generator. May I present to you the Ryobi 1000 watt Digital Inverter Generator. 1000 watts isn’t a lot, it’s not going to power your home. In all honesty it’s barely going to run your refrigerator. But, maybe you just want to keep your freezer running, or to power a few fans, charge some phones, and run a few lights, this baby will get that job done for you. It’s also the perfect size for a small RV or camper just don’t expect to run an air conditioner, 1000 watts isn’t going to be enough for that. Let’s get down to how it runs. Quiet. It is definitely one of the quietest generators I have ever used. You’re still gonna hear it, that’s inevitable. But, it is honestly not much louder than running a box fan on high. It only has one 120v outlet on it so make sure you have an extension cord and a power strip so you can hook up multiple devices. Gas time, I got about 5 hours out of mine but I was powering my mini fridge (to keep the beer cold, priorities…), fan, laptop, phone charger, and a floor lamp. Ryobi advertises that it will get 8 hours on 50% load. I could honestly see that happening. For around $400 or less this generator is not a bad investment. Even if you already have a larger generator at your home, this one would make an excellent back up emergency generator. It is the size of a large briefcase and weighs about 30 pounds. You could tuck it away in a closet or that dusty corner of the garage you keep putting off cleaning. All in all I highly recommend this generator for light use or as a back up to your main generator. Speaking of those, keep an eye out as I’m going to be reviewing some 3500w+ generators here very soon. Stay safe!

Here is a link to the Ryobi 1000 watt inverter generator:


Don’t forget your gas can:


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