Ryobi One+ Hybrid LED Cable Light

Lets get down to the basics. Light. Everyone needs it. If your power goes out you are gonna need some light to do basically everything, cook, go to the bathroom, adjust the dials on your emergency radio (I’ll cover those too don’t worry). Light is essential. The Ryobi One+ Cable light is an awesome tool. It’s like having three separate lanterns bundled together to run off of one battery. Each light is connected by 10 feet of cable. I had it set up in my home with the cables ran along the crown molding. One light in my bedroom, one in the bathroom, and one outside the bathroom in the living room/kitchen area. Plug in the battery, hit the power button, and boom, I got enough light to see basically everything I need to do in my house. Now, if you know anything about Ryobi tools you’ll know they offer a few different sizes of batteries. They advertise this one as running for 15 hours on low with their P108 4ah battery. I will say I got about 14 hours non stop out of the one I tested, granted, my battery is not brand new. Speaking of “low”, it does have 3 different settings. High, medium, and low… obviously. I found that the low setting was good for my bathroom and bedroom but made working in the living/kitchen area a little difficult. But medium was a good output for those two rooms. High was a lot of light. I could see it being used for work purposes but was a little overkill for just trying to get through a dark night not to mention the shortened battery life. The lights themselves have little adjustable “hooks” that can be used as either a stand to position the light at certain angles or as a hook to hang on the wall/ceiling. I hung the one in my living room/kitchen on a wall between the two and the other lights I positioned to sit on a counter top and nightstand. If you don’t secure them down, expect them to slide around a bit on hard surfaces. Not a deal breaker but something to think about. Last but not least, this light is a “hybrid” tool. Which means that it can run off of battery or an extension cord. Now, obviously the extension cord won’t do you much good if the power is out but it gives you the option to hook it up to a generator or even have uses outside of power outages. working in the crawlspaces or underneath the house? Ryobi cable light. Building a shed or workshop that you haven’t supplied power to yet? Ryobi cable light. Kids want to build a fortress and need spotlights to keep the bad guys out? Ryobi cable light.

Check out the Ryobi One+ Hybrid LED Cable light here:


And don’t forget your batteries

https://amzn.to/2PQXGdF These P108 Ryobi batteries are by far the best batteries you can buy for the Ryobi brand of tools.

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