Echo 58v Cordless Chainsaw

This bad boy. Let me tell you, closest thing I’ve used to a gas chainsaw yet. Gas-like power, with half the noise. It cut through anything I could throw at it with ease. It even has a quality feel to it, nice glossy finish, heavy, solid. Did I say heavy? Yeah, this thing has some weight to it. But that is to be expected when it has a 58v battery the size of a brick (and about as heavy). And that right there is the other downside, the battery. Battery life on it isn’t terrible, it isn’t great either. The one I tested was a 2.0ah battery and I got maybe 45 minutes of use out of it before it needed to recharge however they do have a 4.0ah version which lasts twice as long. Now, if you are needing this for large jobs that may be a deal breaker for you, but if you just need it to clear a small fallen tree or other light work you’re probably ok. The other downside to the battery, they aren’t cheap. Replacements are going to cost you around $170 new but can be found used for half that price or less. But lets get back to the positives. Quiet, it’s got noise, obviously. But compared to a gas chainsaw this thing is heaven to the ears. No priming, no cranking to start, no mixing oil and gas to the right ratio. Just plug that battery in, slide the safety switch up, and pull the trigger. That’s all it takes to clear those trees. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Check out the Echo Chainsaw here:

Replacement Batteries:

And the charger:


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